Echoes From Antiquity

Science is good. Wisdom is better.

We’re on a mission to rediscover the ancient wisdom mankind has lost through the ages.

We’ve all heard the phrase history is written by the victor — but have you ever really thought about it?

Is it possible that the version of history we learn from textbooks could actually contain little-white-lies made up by history’s victors?

And could it also be that over the centuries, those little-white-lies have distorted our hindsight so much that we’ve completely lost touch with the actual events in our past — and even our origins?

As it has been said many times over the centuries, “we are a species with amnesia.”

And with so many societal, health, and environmental problems in our modern world, could it be that we’ve taken a few wrong turns over the centuries due to our amnesia?

Echoes from Antiquity is on a mission to reconnect with our ancient origins, rediscover our lost wisdom, and apply that wisdom to our modern world.

If you’d like to gain a clearer understanding of the roots in your family tree and how the wisdom of our ancient ancestors can make your life healthier, happier, and more enchanting — you’re in the right place.

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